Monday, January 9, 2012

What I have learned so far . . .

Who would have thought that blogging would teach me (remind me of??) so much so quickly . . . .

Number 1 - Just because you say you're going to do something every day does not mean that doing it will contribute to your life . . . or the lives of others.  Namely - if I have nothing exciting to write about, then perhaps I shouldn't write about anything.  Hence the last two days of incommunicado-ness in the blog universe.

Number 2 - It is my humble opinion that adding things to pancakes makes them tastier.  This was a hard learned lesson when growing up with Sister who is a purist in the food world - aka . . . do not add things to my perfectly good plain things.  That being said - pancakes for breakfast yesterday were more delightful than usual with the addition of a finely diced Gala apple that was sauteed in a bit of butter with cinnamon with some chopped pecans thrown in when the apples were still firm.  Poured the batter in the pan and sprinkled the apple/pecan deliciousness over the top.  Flipped those bad boys over when the bubbles popped and slid them out of the pan when their bottoms were golden brown.  G agreed that very little additional embellishment was needed thought I did indulge in a light drizzle of maple syrup.  A resounding YUM was shared by all.

Number 3 - It is amazing how things show up in one's world when one puts the time and energy into encouraging them to appear.  I truly believe that our thoughts and words have energy to shape our worlds - both collectively and individually.  And I am reminded on a daily basis that the 'power of prayer' often lies in the spoken and unspoken intention that eminates from those who are doing the praying.  And that God /The Universe / The Powers that Be responds to the energy of those intentions to bring about the results that most benefit all involved.  And sometimes we may not see it because we're looking for something else.

Number 4 - The number of things you want to get done in a week is in direct proportion to the number of pairs of clean underwear that you have left - the fewer the drawers left in your drawer . . . the greater the chores that  appear on your agenda.  I'm just saying . . .

Have a great one, Ya'll!!

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