Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thanks to Sister for admonishing me last evening . . . my well intentioned habit of blogging every day (or so) has apparently gone by the wayside.  So much for 'conscious living' as it hasn't seemed all that long to me. Where does the time go??

As a result, today was what one might call a 'taking measure' kind of day for me.  I woke up early and realized that a number of other things in my life, in addition to this here blog, have fallen by the wayside.  So I took matters into my own capable hands and rectified several of those malingering things and have set myself a "to do" list of remaining items that will be resolved shortly.  I have to say, its rather freeing.

See, I am not a habitual 'completion animal' like some of my revered friends.  You know the ones . . . they actually follow that recommendation that comes out every few months in an email from some magazine newsletter that they've e-subscribed to because it promised to share the 'secrets of the professionals' and all you have to do to organize your life is straighten up your entire home before tripping off to sleep each night . . . or they sit down and write the check the same day that the bill comes in and and either mail it off to be early or set it in a special place where they will surely remember to mail it on the appropriate day to avoid late fees . . . or they start cleaning out the coat closet and actually put stuff in a bag that they actually take to their car and they actually drop off at the local thrift store on their way to work on Monday rather than taking stopping halfway through the coat closet clean out (with everything strewn about the hallway floor) to take that one item that should really go in the upstairs hall closet up to said hall closet and then realize that said hallway closet needs a good clean out / reorganization and proceed to take every item out of that closet (and yes - leave those item strewn upon what used to be the floor) only to realize that there are items that should really go into storage in the basement and diligently take those newly liberated items down to storage hell and again start the rectification of all disorganization only to find that its time to make supper and now three areas of the homefront are neither organized nor passable by any but the most fleet footed mountain goat.  Whew!  We all know them.  And I, again, am sadly not one of them. 

Since I am of the latter and not the former, I will not set lofty goals.  But I shall take steps to insure that all my payments are received on the date due, that closets in my home are beaten into submission one at a time and that, with Sister as my witness, I will blog . . . every other day, at least.

Peace out, ya'll!!

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