Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beautiful day in the basement

Hey Ya'll!  Had a great time in the basement today.  You're wondering why, aren't you?  Well . . . the corporate world and I parted ways in October and I have been pursuing some creative endeavors since.  Part of my day was enjoyed in the basement where I have a great setup to paint canvas floor cloths.  You may have seen some examples on our Facebook fan page for We Paint Floor Cloths (  You can also find us on eBay through Umeboshi Dress (  I will be posting photos here as I complete more cloths.

Oh - and please be sure to check out my friend Geri Lyn's new blog as well -  We both started to fulfill a New Year's resolution.  Whoo hoo - let's go, girl!

The theory is that it takes 31 days to make a habit and just a few days to break it.  I'm on day two of my blog habit - your comments and encouragement will help me keep going.  Musings to come . . .

Have yourself a happy tomorrow!

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