Saturday, January 28, 2012

Showe curtain liners are NOT hot dog buns . . .

I believe that I am the victim of mid-term memory lapse.  Not to be confused with short term - can't remember what I ate for breakfast that morning - or long term - what I ate for breakfast on my 5th birthday - memory lapses. Those I can handle.  Its the mid-term that gets me.

By "mid-term" I mean those things that you know you've done before but not very often and at the time you possibly thought things would turn out one way and then they turned out differently than you had thought - or at least you kind of remember that they did.  Consider it to be similar to those times in your youth when you practiced in your head so many times the asking your parents if you could borrow the car / go to that party / get those jeans that you absolutely had to have.  You rehearsed it so many times you couldn't quite remember if you had actually articulated the question in their parental presence . . . or if they had answered.  Kind of the same thing here.

I bought (splurged?) on a new shower curtain liner the other day (moisture resistant polyester rather than that smelly and hard to clean and probably not good for you vinyl) and took a moment to install it.  As I was removing the old liner, I thought "Hmmm . . . exactly the same number of holes for hooks in the liner as in the shower curtain . . .  wonder if the new one will match up too?)  Now those of you who know how the world works will certainly consider this rather odd as, of course, the liners will have the same number of holes as the shower curtains.  Why wouldn't they?

Ahh . . . now we take a thought detour into the world of hot dogs and hot dog buns.  10 dogs and 8 buns.  They match up not!!  And some folks have suggested that its a corporate conspiracy to make you buy more dogs.  Me?  I consider it an invitation from the universe to make beanie weenies. 

So - in my defense - there are things out there in the world besides hot dogs and buns that don't match up so its not inconceivable that one might wonder about the day to day numbered items.  And I will continue to go "Hmmm".

BTW - Many brands' "jumbo" dogs come 8 to a pack . . .

Peace out, ya'll!

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