Thursday, January 5, 2012

A visit with the Luna-tic

So I used to have two dogs - Mettie and Cooter.  They joined me in Conshohocken and moved with me to Nashville.  As they got older (nigh on to 14 years each), my dear friend MP would often comment that I needed to consider bringing a puppy into my life to keep me company when my dogs made the 'big move'. 
Now - I am a confirmed animal lover.  I freely admit that I will stop and pet almost any animal.  And putting a puppy in front of me?  Heck - why not just shoot me full of 'warm and fuzzy' and leave me a drooling mess?!?  But adding a puppy to my already hectic life?  I wasn't sure that was for me.
Anhew - one day MP was driving down the road just minding his own business when what does he come upon but a brazen little puppy who had stationed herself in front of  a truck at a stop light.  As no one else was making a move, MP leaped from his car, scooped up the pup and firmly deposited her in the passenger seat.  And proceeded to break out in hives.  See - MP is allergic to "dog" - dander, saliva, breath.  Just about any dog part touching one of MP's parts will bring it on.  As he couldn't keep the little bundle of love, he scooted her over to his friends' house.  These friends were obviously dog lovers as they themselves were the happy parents of a year old Great Pyrenees.  A mighty good dog who was mighty well house trained.  The puppy was not.  Oh - and Momma Bear was pregnant and ready to have her own bundle of joy at any moment.  So . . . Yep - you guessed it.  Puppy needed a home and Sucker Aunt Michelle was roped in to just go and see the cute little thing.  Maybe take her for a few days so that our friends would remain our friends.  Well - you know the routine.  Once you get 'em home - they're yours!!
So that's how Luna and I met.  Which was a much smoother process than picking a name.  See - I wanted it to be a super cool and hip name that retained it's appeal after years of repetition.  And I was danged if I could come up with anything that she responded to.  Finally, out of desperation, I turned to the folks at work for suggestions and was rewarded with a winner.  "How about Luna?" the one lady asked.  "It works with your last name (Mooney) and golly, didn't you all find her on the day of the eclipse?"  Sometimes, folks, it's right there in front of you . . .
So Luna it was.  And as predicted, Luna helped me through the transition of my two sweet pups when it was time for them to move on.  (Part of me wonders if Mettie and Cooter weren't just the tiniest bid glad to leave her behind . . . )  Luna was great fun at the dog park in Nashville where I learned to embrace my new identity as "Luna's Mom" and made many a new friend as she chewed on their dogs.  She earned her nickname of Luna-tic and learned to answer to "The Tic" as well as "Miss Tuna" (aka Luna-Tuna).
The move back East (October 2010) brought long hours at work for me and a long-term temporary visit for Luna with Sister and The Boy out in Harrisburg.  Luna joined me in the Spring of 2011 and brought hours of fun and daily walks back into my life.  Then came Labor Day Weekend.  I went to visit my friends at Flowing Springs Farm in  Chester Springs and brought Miss Luna along for the ride.  It was her first time and golly but she LOVED it!!  10 acres to run over, a dozen horses to touch noses with, a 9 year old chocolate lab (Bean) to pester the bejezus out of and at least 3 cats to stalk around the barn/house/yard.  What more could a pup ask for?  Yep - right again.  A loving family who was looking to add a well-behaved-yet-curiously-alert-to-the-presence-of-strangers dog to their happy menagerie.  These folks had lost a pup over the summer and were kinda-maybe-mostly looking to add someone to their troupe.  Can you say "match made in heaven"?
So this all brings us to tonight when I am again visiting my Flowing Springs Farm friends and this time, getting in some quality time with "our" dog, Luna.  She met me at the door, stood and waited until I put down my bag so I could lavish some love on her and then led me upstairs to see the kids.  The Tic then grabbed her stuffed animal (her "baby" - which is a story for another post) and looked over her shoulder at me to make sure it was ok that she climb up on the sofa with the kiddos to watch Gilligan's Island rather than sit at my feet.  Bittersweet for me - to say the least - but I do believe that Luna has found her home. 

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