Friday, February 10, 2012

Philosophy Day . . .

Here's the story - I paint floor cloths.  They are available through our shop on eBay - Umeboshi Dress.

That's Remy over there with my "first" > > >

Many of the designs are ones that I have recreated and I can make adjustments as requested.  And it's fun.  And I can, and have, gotten it done quickly.  Then a customer requested a floor cloth runner with a complicated geometric design that someone else had created.  It took me a good bit to figure out the spacing and things to recreate the original design.  But I did it.  And I made the runner.  And it was good.

And then  . . . a customer requested that runner in a different size.

The fallout of this special request was me sitting at my design (aka "dining") table with a pencil and graph paper and a ruler and a big old eraser doing that tap-the-pencil-on-the-desk-and-stare-off-into-space thing that the folks in the movies do right before inspiration hits.  At some point, this scene morphed into me sitting quietly in a corner . . . rocking back and forth . . . and mumbling something akin to "Fer the love of all that is holy in the universe . . . what do they want from me . . . how am I supposed to figure this out?!?!?"

And then I pulled my self together and I redesigned the runner.  And it was bad.  And I redesigned the runner again.  And it was worse.  And I had to walk away.  I went up to bed, read and fell asleep.  It occurred to me in my morning post-dream-pre-wake zone that perhaps the runner was not turning out the way I thought it should because the way that I thought it should was perhaps not the way the runner needed to be.  Hello . . . light bulb!

So when I was fully awake and standing in the shower I recalled this early morning inspiration and realized . . . da da da daaaaah . . . there are many things in life that are not the way that we think they should be.  (Pssst . . . . here's where the philosophy part comes in . . . )  And many times we can change something of who we are in relation to a situation and the situation - or our perception of it - will change.  Perhaps it is taking a moment to see things from the other side or remembering that there is an "other" side and moving forward with that knowledge.

Anyhew . . . I re-redesigned the runner and it works.  It's supposed to be gloomy weather tomorrow but I will be in my cozy, well lit basement making floor cloth magic.  I wish the same for you . . . in whatever "magic" makes you happy.  And let's all try to look on the bright ("other") side of life . . .

Peace out, ya'll!!

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