Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For the love of scallions

Hey Ya'll!

I came across a blog a few weeks ago (sorry that I didn't keep track of it) where the poster showed that you can regrow scallion greens.  Yep - your heard me right!  Cut the green part, place the white part with the roots in a glass/jar/bottle of water on your windowsill and watch the magic happen. 

I find this to be a fascinating what to get the most out of a bag of scallions and it is kind of nice to have a little green on the windowsill during the winter months.  I know - winter hasn't been all that plentiful in along the mid-Atlantic coast this year but . . . it's the thought that counts. 

Please see the photos below for my humble attempt to provide a photographic log of my own personal scallion revolution!  (I have since realized the error of my back-lighting ways.)

First cut and submersion in water

A few days and several scallions later.  I have also changed the water about every three days to keep things fresh.

This is the progress about 9 days out.

This is just a really cool picture . . .

Peace out, Ya'll!!

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